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How To Avoid Being Consumed This Christmas..

This week I taught my children about St Nicholas. You know the one? Jolly old St Nick with the white beard and red suit that lives in shopping malls? Nope. Santa Claus, Father Christmas

Media Monday – Teenagers, Sexy Selfies, Boys, Girls, Modesty…..Oh My!

A post written by a concerned mother of teenage boys about girls posting inappropriate, sexual images of girls on facebook has gone viral – FYI (If you’re a teenage girl). It has sparked great

Media Monday – Why We Love A Royal Baby

Okay. I’ll admit it. I was getting a teeny bit excited awaiting the arrival of the royal baby. In fact, I surprised (scared) myself. What is it about the royal family, in particular William and Kate,

Media Monday – Facebook For Kids?

I often wonder what I will say when the time comes and my son asks for his own facebook account. Will I stamp my feet and say no way or will I be persuaded

What The Wednesday?

You have to laugh – otherwise you’ll cry! /* Did you like this? Share it:Tweet#call_to_action h4{padding:0px

Why We Should Care About What We Buy – Guest Post

This is a guest post from the lovely Cynthia from My fair baby. I read a comment online the other day where the commenter was turned off when he found out that certain branded range

Media Monday -The Great Australian Dream vs Having Kids

We bought a house – our first home just this week. When we first got married 11 years ago, I was still at uni so it made sense to rent until we both had an

Click Clack Toys Giveaway (And Review!)

It is awesome to see so many toys coming on to the market that offer something ‘different’ to the plastic fantastic stuff you buy in mainstream stores. Click Clack Toys is one of these

Media Monday – Parenting, Bragging & Facebook

I really enjoy hearing about my friends kids achievements in real life and on facebook. I do. Except on days when I’m feeling crappy and my own kids are being, well, horrible. On a personal

Media Monday – Where Have Our Manners Gone?

Has anyone else noticed that people have forgotten their manners? I feel very strongly about the importance of being polite and considerate  so it really bugs me when I observe people being rude or disrespectful

Media Monday – The Rise Of Helicopter Parents – Overparenting Today

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about overparenting. My favourite is this article from Time magazine on helicopter parenting. It’s rather ironic that in trying so hard to protect

What The? Wednesday

  There is some controversy over the NEW princess Merida. The character of Merida in the film brave was revolutionary for Disney – depicting a ‘princess’ who didn’t adhere to stereotypes or traditions. She was

Media Monday – The Truth About Kid’s Vitamins

Just last week, a children’s vitamin advert was pulled after suggesting that their brand of vitamins could help improve your child’s NAPLAN score. The original advertisement (pictured) pairs a vitamin called ‘kids smart’ which

Media Monday – Why We Love Fat Celebrities

The media is obsessed with celebrity weight gain even when it’s pregnancy related.  It seems that many  women’s magazines have taken on the self-appointed role of the body police. Nothing  good comes from reading

The Body Gossip Project – Helping School Kids Develop A Healthy Body Image

I don’t know about you, but I get inspired when I hear about projects like this. Our children and young people are being influenced by the messages of popular culture when they are still

What The? Wednesday

Do men and women usually warm to smiling polar bears as mascots? Not usually – but kids do! Alchohol marketing to children is something I feel strongly about. It’s hard to believe that alchohol marketing

Media Monday – Making Changes To Screen Time

We survived screen free week! For those of you who missed it last week we participated in a screen free challenge. This meant no TV’s, no gadgets and no computers for the entire week. It was

For The Love Of Thermomix – Product Review

I discuss a lot on MUMmedia about how we often place too much value on the products in our lives. Well, my chance to try out a thermomix definetly put my resolve to the

What The? Wednesday

Have a close look at who is sponsoring this child’s report card! It’s our friend Ronald Mcdonald! Thankfully, enough parents complained about this unethical marketing to children and families through the school system and put

Media Monday – Why What Kids Watch Matters

This week our family is participating in a screen free challenge. In case your’e wondering, this post has been scheduled so no, I’m not cheating! I’ve mentioned many a time that I would

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