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Media Monday – Why We Love A Royal Baby

the royal baby

Okay. I’ll admit it. I was getting a teeny bit excited awaiting the arrival of the royal baby.

In fact, I surprised (scared) myself.

What is it about the royal family, in particular William and Kate, that has us intrigued?

I read one article that suggested that our fascination is because every little girl dreams of being a princess, meeting a handsome prince and living in a castle. Do they? I didn’t – but I was raised in the Pre-Disney Princess era so perhaps that has clouded that idea.

I think I just like them. Simple. I don’t necessarily aspire to be them but there is something appealing about William and Kate as people. They just seem nice and kindof normal. Rich, royal, normal people who have recently given birth to their first child.

I stopped and remembered the birth of my first child and the excitement and anticipation. I remembered the joy, the elation and the less glamourous (real) aspects of child birth. I felt happy for Kate that she was going to be experiencing that for the first time and felt empathy that this would all be happening in the public eye.

Parenting in the eye of the public media? Mmm. No thank you.

Given they seem nice and normal I feel empathy for them tackling the challenging of parenting in the public eye. I don’t care how many nannies and servants you have, nothing prepares you for the intensity of the emotional bond you have with your own child. I’m pretty sure any royal mother experiences her fair share of mother guilt just like the rest of us, perhaps more. Does a royal mother have any less desire to be a good mum than any of us? Of course not. It’s just more complicated and more pressure and judgement. When the media reports start flooding in about whether or not Kate has stopped breastfeeding, returned to work, employed a nanny – let’s go easy on her.

I’ve always felt great compassion for celebrity mum’s who have been labelled ‘bad mothers’ by the mainstream media because of a photo that shows a ‘moment’ in their parenting. Hands up who has never had a bad parenting ‘moment’?  Thankfully our moment was probably not snapped by money-hungry paparazzi and reinforced with inflammatory articles about our worth as a parent. I always like to remind others that celebrities are people too!

Britney Spears and I gave birth to our first child around the same time. I’m reminded of the reports when Britney Spears nearly dropped her son trying to save her coffee. I remember laughing having done somethings similar, realising that in that split second of “oh no, I’m going to drop something” you  are not thinking. Or how Chrissie Swan was sprung smoking a cigarette while pregnant. My heart broke for her actually. Imagine your private low points being aired for all to see. Is smoking bad? Yeah, probably but are you a bad person if you smoke? Of course not. Chrissie Swan is an exceptional person in many ways and I felt great sadness for how some many mothers (especially online) jumped to accuse and judge her worth as a parent.

So, parenting in the public eye isn’t (or won’t be easy) especially for the royal couple.

Now back to me, I’m hoping I can stop there – just celebrate the royal birth and move on. I don’t want to buy into all the celebrity gossip and hype about Kate’s parenting choices. I’ll be happy with the odd picture of that beautiful little baby boy that I will inevitably stumble across on the internet. I’m hoping my intrigue can end right here.

No judgement from here Kate – just lots and lots of love for you as your parenting journey begins. xo


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