An introduction to modern nappy alternatives

My boys age 2 & 6 weeks old

Who would’ve thought I’d be so excited about something that’s only purpose is to catch poo? It’s strange what happens to you once you become a mum!

It all started when one of my friends said she was planning on using cloth nappies at home to save money. I (secretly) rolled my eyes thinking it was a little extreme and surely saving money wasn’t worth the hassle.

When I found myself for the secondtime facing two kids in nappies I decided to look in to it. I was amazed at what I saw! Apparently there were things called “modern cloth nappies” and they had funky websites, gorgeous designs and were as easy to put on as disposables not to mention designed and created by ethical small businesses run by work at home mums.

Through my research I discovered the reason WHY these modern cloth nappies were growing in popularity.

Did you know that EVERYDAY in Australia around 3.5 million nappies go into landfill? And that they take around 500 years to decompose? Which means that every disposable nappy ever made (including the ones I wore!) are still sitting in landfill!

–  Australian nappy network

Modern cloth nappies don’t require soaking, bleaching or pinning like old-school cloth and can be rinsed, put in a bucket and washed in a normal wash cycle. They can be re-used time and time again and will last long enough to put 2 to 3 kids through them. That means less waste and less environmental impact!

Did you also know that the average cost for one child to use disposable nappies from birth to toilet training is around $3500.

– Australian nappy network

Given many of us have more than one child – that amount is huge. Setting up a stash of modern cloth nappies can cost between $800 and $1500 which seems excessive but statistics show that we will save money longterm and the savings increase the more kids we have!

It comes as a welcome relief that there is an alternative for mums who are not only budget-conscious but also eco-aware.

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