You do WHAT? Modern mum’s choosing to homeschool

This has always my perception of the home-schooled family.

But here is the modern homeschooling family! Look! They seem almost….normal!

In the last few years I have come across mums who homeschool or who were homeschooled. What was once a foreign concept full of harsh stereotypes suddenly became a topic that intrigued me. Afterall, these families weren’t odd or religious zealots at all!

So I had to ask these questions.

Why on earth would you choose to school your children at home if there are good public and private schools in your area?

A variety of good reasons! Not all child fit neatly into the school system. Some children seem to be magnets for bullies, don’t enjoy school, have a learning disability or difficulty or are academically gifted. The school environment doesn’t always bring out the best in children. Sometimes it just doesn’t meet their needs which prevents them reaching their full potential.

A question of values…..

Most public schools also don’t teach value systems or if they do, it’s hardly a significant part of the curriculum. Many parents believe that being capable academically is useless if you don’t learn how to be a decent person! In fact, many believe that values should be foundational to further learning. I agree with this point as at my son’s school there’s a lot of “we don’t do this..”  but no moral guidance to give them a deeper understanding of why and certainly no interest in developing their character. For me, this has been the stand out in the public vs private education discussion.

So, What are the benefits of homeschooling?

  • Spend more time nurturing your child’s unique abilities and interests
  • Tailor learning programs that suits your child’s learning style which    motivates and inspires them
  • Teach your child at their own pace
  • Protect your kids for negative outside influences
  • Help develop your child’s character in line with your value system
  • Maintain control of weekly schedules which reduce stress
  • Share the joy of  learning with your child

Won’t your children grow up socially awkward and weird?

Homeschooled children are not isolated from the world. In fact, they experience more of the real world than children who go to mainstream school. They don’t stay at home all day but are out actively meeting people, travelling, networking and gain a much wider life experience than children who attend school.

Studies have shown that homeschooled children are not only more advanced academically than their peers but also more advanced socially!


The mothers I know are passionate homeschoolers. They have to be. They are going against societal and cultural norms but are doing so because they are convicted this is right for their families. I find them inspiring.

Is homeschooling for me? Who knows?  But my misguided perception of those who choose this noble task has definitely been transformed!

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