Skipping supermarkets, shopping malls and super chains – Can it be done?

Is it possible to avoid supermarkets, malls and super chains? I’m going to find out for the month of February!

I’ve been inspired by a blog called Little eco footprints. As a family, Tricia (the author) has made the decision to avoid all of the above for the entire year!

Why avoid supermarkets, malls and super chains?

More media coverage has meant that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of corporate greed and unethical practices of many of the supermarket giants. I know many people who now refuse to buy cheap milk as it’s been well publicised that farmers are not being paid a fair price. The same goes for the substandard fruit and veg these stores sell. It’s really a matter of corporate greed crushing small business and taking advantage of the working class. I don’t want to see this happen! I want to support local small businesses and vote with my dollar!

When we shop locally we support our local community. This provides opportunities to get to know our ‘neighbours’ and build relationship with local business owners. My husband is very passionate about this and always says that he would rather pay more to support someone locally – especially when good personalised customer service is involved. It’s really a question of what we value more – saving a few dollars or investing in our community.

So what ARE the alternatives?

Instead of large supermarket chains the challenge is to shop locally at greengrocers, farmer markets, small stores or through organised co-ops.  Locally owned and run supermarkets (like foodland, IGA) are a better alternative for those harder to find items.

For this month I’m avoiding Coles, Woolworths, fast food chains and Bunnings (sigh). I already buy my organic fruit/veg through a locally run co-op and a lot of my food from local health food stores and a farmers market. However, I also buy a lot from Coles though so this will definitely be a test! The question for me is, can I avoid my local shopping mall? It’s often the key meeting place with friends and family so I might have to start suggesting alternatives!

For more info on the challenge or to join…..

Skipping supermarkets, shopping malls and super chains challenge

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