Media Monday – Why I don’t want to be a ‘yummy mummy’ ….

I used to want to be a yummy mummy. Now, I cringe when I hear the term.

The yummy mummy idea is nothing more than a creation of the mass media designed to target women’s insecurities in order to make us better consumers.

What do I mean? When we are insecure and lacking in self-esteem we spend more money. If we believe that stretchmarks are unsightly then we will buy cream to fix it. If we believe it’s important to be stylish then we will buy designer clothes and baby accessories. If we believe that we NEED to lose that baby weight pronto then we will purchase that gym membership. Our lifestyle and product choices reflect what we believe to be most important.

We are sold the idea of the yummy mummy through media hype over celebrities and baby weight and articles in magazines and TV. The image is glamourous and attractive and draws us in. We want to fit the image so we go out and buy that overpriced baby bag or pram making sure we ‘keep up appearances’ so that other people will notice.

Through advertising and the media we are taught to believe that there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. This is why we buy.

glamorous mum

On the flipside, if we are confident and secure within ourselves then we know that fashionable clothing doesn’t define us and  carrying a bit of extra weight isn’t a big deal.

So, why should we throw out the term yummy mummy?

The yummy mummy idea has become idolised. It’s made new mothers even more paranoid and self-conscious about the way they look. It also takes the focus off what is actually important – being a good mum.

It’s shallow, empty and meaningless.

We need to source our values and beliefs from something deeper than an industry-generated popular culture and stop swallowing the messages we receive from the media.

It is awfully confronting when we realize how much of what we believe to be important has been influenced by nothing more than industry.

So it’s fair to say, I don’t want to be a yummy mummy.

I just want to be a good mummy!


authentic mother

an image that reflects the true value of a mum

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