My Babywearing Journey in Pictures – International Babywearing Week

I didn’t discover babywearing until my second child was born.

I needed my hands free so went out and bought a baby bjorn carrier.

As you can see, he used to suffocate in my cleavage as a newborn so I stopped using it.

But then I started again once he could go forward facing. I found it uncomfortable and it hurt my back so eventually when he got to around nine months I stopped using it and gave it away.

When I had my third child I had already read up on the benefits of babywearing. It just made sense that babies benefit so richly from being physically close to us.

So, I bought a sling.

The above picture is of my third born son at 1 week old which (I think) explains my hair. I loved that sling and continued using it until he was almost 2 . He used to sleep in the sling for hours and given it was the only time he did sleep, I relished that time.  Sadly, he got too heavy and it began to hurt my shoulder so I stopped wearing it.

I also carried my sweet little daughter in that same sling until just recently when I bought my ERGObaby carrier (below).

Admittedly, she’s only 8 months and small but the weight seems to be distributed quite evently so it doesn’t feel heavy.  I love the fact she can also go on my back or my hip in this carrier. Given this is my last baby I want to cherish these moments of closeness as I know all too well how quickly they grow.

So, it took me a little bit of trial and error to find what worked for me.

I love babywearing!

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