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Eco-friendly Ethical Shopping Alternatives

Just recently I’ve been thinking about Christmas and how every year we seem to accumulate more and more um, stuff.

Every year I feel challenged to do Christmas a little differently – to buy less and be more thoughtful and considerate about what I do buy. I’ll be honest. I’ve said this before and still found myself in a mad panic on Christmas Eve rushing through K-mart with a trolley full of um, stuff.

So once again…I’m trying to be more organised and thoughtful with Christmas this year.


Why fairtrade?

ethical shopping

Buying fairtrade means that the people who made it are looked after and not exploited by the industries that employ them. When we buy fairtade it’s an opportunity to do something good for families living in the developing world.

Wooden toys sold by ethical gifts are made under fairtrade practices in Vietnam by Q toys (An Australian company).

What’s so good about wooden toys?

eco friendly toys

Wooden toys are a great eco-friendly alternative.

Have you ever heard someone say “They just don’t make ‘em like they used to?.” That’s because they don’t. Many popular toy manufacturers make toys that aren’t designed to last so we are forced to keep buying more. It’s called planned obsolescence.

Wooden toys are BRILLIANT quality. They will survive 1,2,3,4 or more children. In fact, they might even stand the test of time so your grandchildren can enjoy playing with them!

Kids these days, including my own, have too many toys.  I would much rather spend more money on good quality ethical, eco-friendly, or hand made items and simply buy less.


My 3 year old (pictured) was pretty darn rough with the balancing game but it didn’t matter as I knew it could take a pounding. He loved it. He counted the rings, he told me the colors and he showed me how he could make it go up and down. My 5 year old explained to him how it was also addition and subtraction. Bless him.

Ethical gifts also stock gifts for the whole family – not just toys – they are worth a look!

So…. Would you like to win an Eco-friendly Toy?


Ethical Gifts is kindly giving a way this shape sorting bar made from eco-friendly recycled rubberwood made under fair trade conditions by Q toys. Paints used are child safe and non-toxic.

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