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The analytical armadillo recently wrote about a new toy called a  slumber bear that helps you bond with your baby. She raised the point that parents have bonded successfully with their babies throughout history without the use of expensive electronic teddy bears. However, this is being marketed as a ‘must have’ for new parents.

This bear plays womb sounds like a mother’s heartbeat and you can add your own scent which is designed to comfort your baby. Or…you could just hold your baby, perhaps co-sleep and your baby could be soothed by your actual presence complete with real life beating heart and motherly scent.

It got me thinking about how many products are designed for busy parents.

Too busy to read to your child? Here’s a gadget that will do it for you!

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Can’t find the time to rock your own baby to sleep? This machine’s got it covered!

No time to feed your own baby? Let this um, thing do it for you!

All of these products are clever and many of us have used one or more of them. This post isn’t about the gadgets themselves or our choices to use them. It’s about how the very existence of these ‘time savers’ reflects how our society views parenting – we just don’t have time.

We are looking for solutions in the form of products to replace our very existence in our children’s lives.

When did we suddenly became too busy and de-tached to enjoy cuddling our babies at night? Too busy to hold them close while we feed them a boob or a bottle? Too busy to share a quiet moment reading them a book?

No wonder attachment parenting is on the rise. More parents are taking a stand against the current culture of parenting that de-taches themselves from their children as if they are a bothersome inconvenience to our lives.

Attachment parenting is going back to the heart of parenting – being close to our child.  This style takes a beating in the media purely because it challenges and forces us to question our modern lives.

Sometimes I wonder if we are more attached to our modern lives than our own children.

It’s easy to throw our hands up in the air and say, well, this is just the way the world is these days.  I’m not denying that our modern lives are busy but I wonder if we are prepared to make the necessary changes to slow down.  I know this is something I struggle with which is why I discuss it so much. I don’t have the answers just yet but I’m starting by asking the questions.

It’s time we question the way our culture is unfolding because our parenting choices today ultimately impact the way our children see the world and themselves.

I don’t want my child growing up believing they are an inconvenience. I also don’t want to fill their lives with gadgets that replace my presence in their lives.  I also don’t want to miss those precious moments by being too busy to enjoy them!

What do you think? Are we just too busy to parent these days?

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