What To Expect When You’re Expecting – Book Review & Giveaway

I’d heard of the book ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ but I didn’t realise there was a whole series of these ‘what to expect’ guides! These guides provide a solid foundation of mainstream information for expectant and first time parents and are easy and enjoyable to read.

What to expect before your’e expecting is a step-by-step guide to understanding fertility, preparing for conception and getting pregnant. I wish I’d had this when we were trying for our first baby!

What to expect when you’re expecting is the no#1 bestselling pregnancy book. It provides a really thorough look at all things to do with pregnancy.  I especially like the look at what is happening month by month.

What to expect in the first year is also good. Although, I must admit I laughed when reading “What you’re baby could be doing at 9 months” as I gazed at my roly-poly 9-month old laying flat on her back playing contentedly with her toys. The book does point out there is a wide-range of ‘normal’ but the breakdown of months was a little too specific for my liking.

I’ve worked in early childhood for many years in my profession and I’ve had four ‘babies’ of my own. So, it goes without saying I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to development. I  trust that I will recognise any early warning signs and are much more accepting of children learning and doing things at their own pace. But I certainly didn’t have that same confidence as a first time parent. So I encourage first time parents reading this book to view it as a ‘guide’ (which is its intent) not as an anxiety-inducing measure of whether your baby will be a smart and successful adult!

So…the team at whattoexpect.com are kindly giving away a set of 3 best-selling books including

  • What to expect before you’re expecting

  • What to expect when you’re expecting

  • What to expect – the first year


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