Sharing The Blog Love – My Liebster Award

I was very excited to recieve a Liebster award from the blog learning to play and playing to learn. This is such a lovely way to share some love across the blogosphere and get to know some new blogs!

How long have you been blogging?

I initially started blogging after my first child was born nearly seven years ago. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that MUMmedia began to take shape.

Messy play or clean play?

I didn’t know there was such thing as clean play!

Plain or patterned?

Plain – a blank canvas and you can create whatever you want!

What is your favourite animal?

Giraffes. Is that wierd? I think they’re amazing.

Fingers, calculator or in your head?

Maths and I are not friends so definetly calculator.

Where was your favourite place as a child?

My grandmas house. She had a beautiful big home with a huge backyard full of fruit trees, vegie patches and flowers. It was my favourite place in the world because it was the place I spent time with one of the most amazing, influential people in my life.

Inside or outside?

Outside. Definetly.

How often do you clean your house?

Eeeek. I clean everyday but deep cleaning sadly, doesn’t get done very often.

If you could have as many children as you wanted, how many would you have?

I would have 4 and that’s exactly the number I have. I still have room in my heart for some foster kids in the future though.

Do you think you will ever stop blogging?

I’m passionate about writing and communicating what I believe to be important and blogging provides me an opportunity to do that. So for now, I’m happy!

What is your favourite TV show at the moment?

We tend to watch TV show’s on DVD’s as we don’t like the ads so the office (American) is my quirky, trashy show of the moment but I do love watching insight and the gruen planet when I have time and I’m a nerd when it comes to documentaries.

So out of love I am nominating these 10 Australian blogs in no particular order.

  1. Little Eco Footprints
  2. Fresh Green Grace
  3. Hand made tears and triumphs
  4. Diary of a SAHM
  5. Twinkle in the eye
  6. Australia Family Style
  7. The things I’d tell you
  8. isophie
  9. A life less typical
  10. 10% inspired

The idea is that if you are nominated you return the favour and share the love by nominating another 10 small-ish blogs  to help them grow and flourish. The blogs don’t have to be from Australia but it’s always nice to support those close to home also.

And to make your post a little more interesting here are some questions I would like to ask you!

1. How long have you been blogging?

2. What inspires you to blog?

3.  What is your favourite non-blog hobby?

4. How many kids do you have or how many do you plan on having?

5.  What do you love about Christmas?

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