Giveaway – For Them For You – Fair Trade Handcrafted Toys

I was really excited when I heard about ‘For Them For You‘ because I love when people turn their compassion in to action. It is a privilege to support those who want to do good for the benefit of some of the world’s most vulnerable. This is something I am really passionate about.

So, what is ‘for them for you’ all about?

These adorable dolls known as Shwe Shwe Poppi’s are designed by children in South Africa, handcrafted by women in the community and provide a means of employment, education, pride and purpose. They are compassionate, ethical and fair trade and pretty darn cute!

The Shwe Shwe Poppis Project is a fundraising arm for the African Children’s Feeding Scheme and you can read more about the charity here.

These handcrafted toys are really unique and a little quirky and would make an excellent gift when looking for fair trade, ethical shopping alternatives.

So, I encourage you to visit the website and purchase one of these poppi’s knowing that it’s not just about getting something ‘for you’ but about supporting families in the developing world.

And….who wants to win one?

The prize is 1 MIDI Shwe Shwe Poppi similar to the one pictured.


To enter please just leave a comment about your experience or thoughts on ethical shopping and what products or things you buy or would like to buy fairtrade.

This giveaway has ended – Congratulations Hope!

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