Consumer-Less Kids – How To Buy Or Not Buy For The Kids Who Have Everything – eBook Giveaway

In December I released my first eBook – Consumer-Less Kids.

It is a how-to 90 page gift guide for buying (or not buying) for the kids who have everything.

The book contains insightful information on how consumerism impacts our children as well as offering thoughtful, eco-friendly, creative, ethical and frugal alternatives to the usual ‘gifts’ we give to our own children and others.

So, what’s in it?

Introduction – takes an in depth look in to how the culture of consumerism impacts our children.

“Part of our role as parents is to protect, teach and guide them through the maze of subtle and not-so-subtle influences, half-truths and stereotypes so that our children learn to live with their value systems and self-esteem intact.” – Consumer-Less Kids

Chapter 1. Buying for kids – what’s hot? what’s not?

Chapter 2. Buying for kids – thoughtful toy alternatives

Chapter 3. Eco-friendly & ethical shopping…or make your own!

Chapter 4. Baby shower ideas and buying for baby

Chapter 5.  Surviving Christmas gift giving

Chapter 6. Age-appropriate gift giving at a glance (children 0 – 8 years)

Chapter 7. Gift giving 101

The conclusion discusses practical tips with 3 keys for  helping our child consume – less to live more!

“We don’t have to deprive our children of everything and keep them hidden from the world to protect them. We just have to aware and keep our eyes open. We can begin teaching our children as early as possible about popular culture and consumerism and how it influences us.” – Consumer-Less Kids

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So I’m giving away 5 x copies of my eBook….or you can just buy one if you can’t wait to read it!

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