Click Clack Toys Giveaway (And Review!)

It is awesome to see so many toys coming on to the market that offer something ‘different’ to the plastic fantastic stuff you buy in mainstream stores. Click Clack Toys is one of these companies that is both child-friendly AND eco-friendly!

Click Clack Toys are designed with 3 main focuses.

1. Environment

Made with from sustainably managed plantation timber forests and the packaging is 100% recycled cardboard. They also use non-toxic paints which is fantastic considering there are so many hidden chemicals in kids toys these days.

2. Fun

My kids loved these. In fact, all 4 of them played with them each in a different, age-appropriate way. My 7yo assembled the hospital by following the instructions, my 5 and 3yo played imaginative games with the cars and the baby even had a bit of play!

My boys especially liked the ‘click-clack’ feature of being able to take them apart and put them back together.

3. Education

Small toys like cars are great for developing fine motor skills in young children. They are also fantastic at stimulating creative, imaginative play!

These toys are such a great eco-friendly alternative when buying toys and fantastic quality.

So, who wants one?

Click Clack toys is generously giving away a selection of Click Clack toys for one lucky winner.

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