About us

About me……

I am a mum to three little boys and a freelance writer amongst other things!

I love being a mum (most of the time) and am passionate about all things to do with parenting. I want to share my journey with other people just like me. I also want to be apart of something that inspires, empowers, and equips mums to embrace their motherhood and feel confident in who they are.

To look at me, I’m actually pretty normal. I certainly don’t fit any alternative or hippy stereotype.  In fact, that’s not me at all. I’m a normal mum that makes some ‘different’ (not mainstream) choices because I believe those to be right for my family and I try not to care what other people think.

Over the years, I’ve realized that so many of the perceptions and beliefs we have about motherhood are heavily influenced by the media and advertising, and our popular culture.

A good mum isn’t reflected in how we look, how our children look or what we own and yet that is just one of the lies we have been taught to believe through advertising. These messages are often misleading and contradictory encouraging us to doubt ourselves and our worth.

And so I created MUMmedia…..

MUMmedia is about learning to filter through all the conflicting advice and strong opinions to forge our own identity as mums!

It’s about discovering what it means to be a good mum when we are surrounded and bombarded with false and misleading messages and influences!

The purpose of MUMmedia is not for us to become cynical, but aware! To discover how we can think critically and filter through these messages with the goal of keeping our self-worth and value systems in tact!

Three children later, I’ve discovered that parenting isn’t a one size fits all approach and sometimes we need to swim against the mainstream to find what’s right for our families.

I would much rather go against the flow doing what I believe to be right than get swept along for the ride and then wonder how I got there.

Please journey with me as we discover how we can be set free to truly enjoy these challenging years of motherhood!


With love