If you find yourself pressed for time in the morning, streamlining your makeup routine is essential.  Thankfully, there are many minimally invasive cosmetic procedures on the market that will spare you more than seconds.

Eyebrow Tinting

One of the simplest ways to wake up your face is to have your eyebrows tinted.  Oftentimes people think that their brows are much thinner than they actually are; adding a little pigment helps to make what you do have pop.  The procedure is very accessible with average prices ranging from $20-$25.


If you’ve tried tinting and still feel that your brows are looking a little sparse, best microblading Long Island  NY may be the answer.  The act of microblading involves the use of a small handheld tool with multiple needles to tattoo on semi-permanent, natural-looking brows.  The effects can last up to 3 years So you want to be sure that you find a qualified permanent makeup artist.  This procedure runs, on average, from  $400-$600.

Eyelash Tinting

If you have light-colored lashes, an eyelash tint can make an enormous difference in your appearance without makeup.  You may even give up your mascara.  This procedure is a little more tricky than an eyebrow tint, being as it deals with the very sensitive eye area.  Some people have a difficult time keeping their eyes completely closed, and dye in the eye is no fun.  While there are at-home kits on the market that allow you to play beauty school on yourself, please don’t.  You should seek a professional for this service.  Like eyebrow tinting, eyelash tinting is also very affordable ranging from $20-$40.

Eye Lash Extensions

If you didn’t achieve the results you were looking for with the lash tinting, eyelash extensions are an easy way to add more drama.  You will need a consultation with a licensed professional to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure.  Sometimes a person will have too short, sparse, or damaged lashes to attach the lash extension to.  It takes some time, around 3 hours to complete the process.  Lash extensions typically run from $150 – $200, but monthly maintenance referred to as fills, will cost around $60 per visit. This is just an estimate.  A full set can be as much as $500, so you might want to try out a set of fake lashes that are a similar length to try it out first.

There are many options available for permanent makeup, these are only a few that are available.  Give them a try and maybe you will find that you have enough time for that morning yoga or just an extra cup of coffee.

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